Monday, February 25, 2008

Topic Index

Here is a shortlist of some topics related to positive philosophy for worth consideration. These are as follows:
-Domestic Violence: Causes and Solution
-Peace and Social Justice-Media’s Impact on Society
-Children in a Problematic Society
-Group Consciousness and its Effect on Society
-Value Education and Teacher-Parents Role
-The Discussion on Right and Duty-The Problem of Communication
-Problems regarding Technology Developments
-Meditation at working Places-Pollution and Health Problems
-Literature and Its Role in Healthy Society
-Spirituality and Science: A Healthy Approach
-Importance of a National Character Building
-Why We Do Philosophy and How?
-Role Models for the Children and Society

Prof. Daya Krishan said, “The philosophers, however, have not merely thought in a certain way but also thought that they thought in a certain way.”Philosophy is the New World-Cognitive progress, practical ethics, globalization, human rights. It is a critical reflection of the status of knowledge, values and communication. It tries to bring out the discrepancies and gaps, the ruptures and mutations etc. and tries to modify and transform that process.So, this is necessary to follow this type of positive attitude to solve these problems rather than a negative attitude which makes the problem more complex ,rather to solve it.

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