Saturday, June 1, 2013

Philosophy as a Career in India

Philosophers have concerned themselves with everything from art and literature to religion and ethics, from science and technology to politics and poetry. The word philosophy is said to have been coined by Pythagoras and comes from the Greek word Philein, which means “ to love” and Sophia, which means “knowledge” or “wisdom”. Because knowledge can be discovered in many fields, the Greeks thought of any person who sought knowledge in any area as a philosopher. So, philosophy once encompassed neatly everything that counted as knowledge.

Philosophers have spent much time over the centuries trying to arrive at a proper understanding of several important concepts; truth, beauty, knowledge, justice and many others. Philosophy is argumentative and inconclusive. It is made of theories and thoughts of scholars and philosophers. Studying philosophy helps you to have a career in:

·         Teaching Profession at School, College, Central Universities and IITs etc.

·         Research in State/Central Universities, Research Institutes and IITs etc.

·         Philosophical Writer, Journalist, Creative Writer etc.

·         Yoga & Meditation Professions

·         Logical Thinking Professions

·         Social Activist, Social Workers etc.

·         Educational Consultant/Ethical Advisor

·         Law Profession/Legal Advisor

·         Logic (a branch of Philosophy) helps in competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, and Banking etc.

·         Corporate/Private Sector

·         Life Skill Trainers/Positive Thinkers

Philosophy is the systematic, critical examination of the way in which we judge, evaluate and act, with the aim of making ourselves wiser, more self-reflective and therefore better men and women. If someone interested to have a degree in philosophy, he or she can opt many subject combinations available with philosophy. It gives a highly interdisciplinary approach to higher education. In Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh the following philosophy combinations are available and student can opt one combination according to her interest when they get admission in BA First Year:

·         Elective English, Economics Philosophy

·         Elective Hindi, Economics, Philosophy

·         Elective Punjabi, Economics, Philosophy

·         Elective French, Economics, Philosophy

·         Sanskrit, History, Philosophy

·         Sanskrit, Music Vocal, Philosophy

·         Sanskrit, Hindi, Philosophy

·         Economics, Music Instrumental, Philosophy

·         Economics, Geography, Philosophy

·         Economics , Music Vocal, Philosophy

·         Economics, Political Science, Philosophy

·         History, Fine Arts, Philosophy

·         Fine Arts, Music Instrumental, Philosophy

·         Fine Arts, Music Vocal, Philosophy

·         Geography, History, Philosophy

·         Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science

·         Philosophy, Psychology, Elective English

·         Philosophy, Political Science, History

·         Philosophy, Fine Arts, Dance

·         Philosophy, Political Science, Sanskrit

·         Philosophy, Political Science, Physical Education

·         Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy

·         Elective Hindi, Psychology, Philosophy

·         Elective Punjabi, Psychology, Philosophy

Although philosophy is highly interdisciplinary subject, but due to lack of awareness of importance philosophy among academicians there is no combinations provided with Mathematics, Public Administration, Police Administration, Human Rights and Women Studies etc.  Students are getting high scored in UPSC exams that are opting it and now philosophy becoming an important discipline in IITs, BITS and other science and technology institutes and central universities. Students can make better career in Applied Ethics, Business Ethics, Profession Ethics, Bio-Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Consciousness Studies, and Philosophy of Mind etc. according to their interest and future planning. Without philosophical foundation there is not ultimate progress in the field of education, social science and natural sciences. Ethico-Spiritual-Critical aspect to life is the need of present education system and philosophy courses providing it since many centuries.

About the Author:

Dr. Desh Raj Sirswal is teaching philosophy at Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh. He is interested in Metaphilosophy, Indian Psychology, Human Rights and Social Issues and continually contributing through writing in these areas. Email: