Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Philosophy is Nothing Without Logic

When we condiser Philosophy we should have the knowledge of its main stream. Because if we have no knowledge we cannot understaands its methods and problems.Logic is very important for this .if we have knowledge about logic then we easily consider philosophical methods. Here is an elementary course for Logical Reasoning:
Unit- I :
Naute of logic
The notion of Form
Validity and Truth
The nature of Implication.
Unit-2 :
Definition of Proposition
Its difference with Sentence
Constituents or Components of Proposition
Classification of Propositions
Modern and Aristotelian Four fold
Distribution of Terms
Expressing propositions in their logical forms
Diagrammatic representation of Propositions.
Unit-3 :
Traditional square of Opposition
Immediate inferences
The Categorical Syllogism
Figures and Moods
Rules of Syllogism
Venn diagram technique for testing Syllogisms
Formal and Informal fallacies
Relations and relational arguments
Properties of Relations
What are relational Arguments
Validity of relational arguments.
Unit-4 :
Arguments in ordinary language
Reducing the number of term in syllogistic argument
Translating Categorical Proposition in to Standard
Enthymemes, Sorites, Disjunctive and Hypothetical Syllogisms,
the Dilemma.
Unit-5 :
Truth-functional compound propositions
Argument forms and truth-tables.
It is a elementary course for the Logic ,so we should have the knowledge about It do do a better philosophy.This Course is adopted by the Departement of Philosophy,Kurukshetra University,Kurukshetra through its Course Diploma-in -Reasoning.
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