Thursday, August 21, 2008

Journal of Positive Philosophy:Year Ist, Issue Ist,21 August,2008

Here is the First Issue of the Journal of Positive Philosophy.In this issue you can find the articles related to the Conception of Positive Philosophy, Auguste Comte's understanding and my own view regarding this.I have used this term in different manner. In this issue, articles of some thinkers as well as mine published.First you can find my consideration to the topic then you can find some interesting articles। First issues will concentrate on the Nature of Philosophy then to the main problems.

The Positive Philosophy
What is the Need ?
Related Disciplines
Topic Index
Auguste Comte:Course of Positive Philosophy
Journal of Positive Philosophy:Year Ist, Issue Ist:August,2008
Title of this Issue: Nature of Philosophy
Table of Contents:
What is Philosophy?
What Do We Mean By "Applied Philosophy"?
Socio-Ethical and Cultural Importance of Philosophy,
Philosophy as Methodology
The Importance of Philosophy in Human Life
What is the Use of Philosophy?
Six articles are indexed in this issue, the Title of the Next Issue will be
"How to Do Philosophy" in the month of October,2008
You can send me your article, if you are interesting to make a Philosophical Dialogues among your friends.

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