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Osho on Philosophy (The Positive Philosophy)

Osho on Philosophy

1.Science grows out of doubt. Religion grows out of wonder. Between the two is philosophy; it has not yet decided -- it goes on hanging between doubt and wonder. Sometimes the philosopher doubts and sometimes the philosopher wonders: he is just in between. If he doubts too much, by and by he becomes a scientist. If he wonders too much, by and by he becomes religious. That's why philosophy is disappearing from the world -- because ninety-nine percent of philosophers have become scientists. And one person -- a Buber somewhere, or a Krishnamurti somewhere, or a Suzuki somewhere -- great minds, great penetrating intellects, they have become religious. Philosophy is almost losing its ground.

2.Beware of getting lost in philosophy and religion if you really want to know what truth is. Beware of being Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan, because they are all ways of being deaf, blind, insensitive.



Moefi (mor air fee) # 9. February 2011, 21:18

...oh, personally I shall take heed of your wise counsel. I always figured science to be based on current assumptions and religion to be based on acknowledgment that one exists among others and not in a vacuum.

I would have thought that you will put philosophy in the middle but you concluded by placing it on the extreme of religion. Your initial assertion placed philosophy between religion and science, I do not believe that this is the way you wanted to conclude your argument or is it?

Dr Desh Raj Sirswal # 10. February 2011, 02:23

Sir thanks for your consideration. Actually the mentioned person is a spiritual thinker. They always think that if we want to know the reality you have to go byond the boundation whether it is science, philosophy or religion. Above mentioned thoughts of a thinker. I somewhat agree with these because philosophers in 20th century went to extreme. Some philosopher become highly conscious about science or some religious. They forget the real philosophical spirit because philosophy gives both science and religion, a platform to justify their believes. I dont want to undermine philosophy because when you are a philosopher you have to deal with both for a synthetic view.

Azharudheen.ks # 12. February 2011, 17:23


Dr Desh Raj Sirswal # 12. February 2011, 17:35

Philosophy gives you a attitude to dealt with religion and science positively, man become neutral in both sides and inquire rather than faith.

Moefi (mor air fee) # 12. February 2011, 19:10

...I believe philosophy to be the use of reason and argument in seeking the truth as well as knowledge of reality. I mean in studying causes and nature of things as well as principles governing existence and one ends up being swayed either way, it should NOT mean that you are being scientific or religious. It just means on the issue under discussion, the pendulum had swung that way.

I believe it comes with the territory in the same way as a laborer gets blisters. I mean as a thinker you find yourself swimming against stream, what with majority of people in our midst occupying either camp.

My intention here is not to be defensive but to be realistic.

Dr Desh Raj Sirswal # 13. February 2011, 09:45

You are right Sir. But I myself feel that the popular account for philosophy is ununderstandable by general peoples. In India, mostly time philosophy confused with religion and it get no independent identity. What I said above about philosophy is only realtively with science and religion. Not the what really philosophy, I meant. Philosophy for me is a critical evaluation of ideas and their implication in human life. I usually use when I mean philosophy. Philosophy become relative when it associated with other terms as discussed before.Meta Philosophy must be concentrated while study or discuss. Thanks

Moefi (mor air fee) # 13. February 2011, 12:02

...It has occurred to me that some religions are more of a way of life than a religion. It could be the situation in India and hence the inability to separate religion from philosophy. Under such circumstances, only those that dare question current working assumptions are those that are immune to public opinion and are less likely to contemplate being castigated by society. But then again a greater number of them are living in exile. This would be some of friends who had been friendly to books and knowledge for a considerable time

In the other half of the world philosophy can be easily divorced from religion. Take christianity as an example, there are hundred variations of the same. The African version exist parallel to African ideas and way of life. In seeking the truth, I therefore have to dig deeper, and apply my mind to all that cross my path.

One needs a lot of information and facts to explore working assumptions. This means actual time and money spent seeking knowledge. Giving up is easy but in this quest giving is never an option!

About general people, I am sorry but I don't think philosophy is a general subject. And if one has to influence their way of thinking, one should go an extra mile.

Dr Desh Raj Sirswal # 13. February 2011, 12:30

Thanks SIR. Where from we started this discussion, was a person who talk spirituality than philosophy. Now these days philosophy in India come up with an independent identity by different institutions. We are working for the cause of philosophy, so we have started our initiatives by we are working with several pages linked with it. Kindly see it and send us your suggestions.

Moefi (mor air fee) # 13. February 2011, 13:57

...I stood on the spot; a good spot and I must congratulate you on the initiate, well done!

But as to my making suggestions, I am not entirely sure as to how to proceed because what I saw struck me as an attempt at defining Indian meta philosophy by Indians at an academic level and I am clueless there.

P.S. Thanks for the referral

Dr Desh Raj Sirswal # 13. February 2011, 15:19

Thanks for your visit Sir. Mainly we want to work on applied philosophy, metaphilosophy, positive philosophy, indian pschology and interdisciplinary studies. It is basically indian concentration but have international philosophical approach. We are working for applied aspect of philosophy in students, mass and with academicians as well. Its our wish that we will be able to do according to our intentions, today we need to work on humanities and social sciences.

Moefi (mor air fee) # 13. February 2011, 15:35

...keep up the splendid work and all the best into the future. I have a keen interest and would appreciate if you could keep me informed of the developments.

Good luck on your future endeavors.

Dr Desh Raj Sirswal # 13. February 2011, 16:02

Thanks for your comments and be in touch. Good Night

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