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Religion Vs Man (The Positive Philosopher)

Religion Vs Man

Thursday, 10. February, 11:21

Friends it is said that RELIGION is for the welfare of man and society. But is it a reality in today’s time ?. Here is picture, made by a student, shows how different religions of the world made man frustrated. Religious consciousness satisfied man in reference to his personal needs, but religion by force harm his internal peace too. Keep thinking while follow some religious order and the way you are following it.


Stone Ed Sober # 11. February 2011, 01:25
The following informational bit is going to sound very arrogant and harsh to many. That is not the intent. It will sound like a complete Lunatic wrote it. And yes. This is true.
I am not here to be a jerk, but to simply share a result of an awakening that is no different than any other. We find ourselves in the end. Please do not judge me but take a good look at the workability of lunacy to stay out of bias opposition. To let go and let the intuition of your inner self be your guide without judging to harsh about personal beliefs.

The nature of semantics in religion are subject for sparks of violence. We all want to feel safe. When folks talk a little crazy, we don't feel safe. Seek safety in the inner voice. Get quiet and trust. The Great Spirit is not all around us to condemn us. We are each a very special development in progress.
Please, if you do not understand the following, Know this;
It is a complete all out attack of any intelligence. Nature of the Beast. Sorry. Do not fear. Time to Rise! Grounded. In our own skin. No Problem. We are of Love.
If you read this crap to follow, go back up to the picture and look at the ? mark on the forehead. 4 religions are around it.
crosses are everywhere. A cross creates four spaces. BREAK DUALITY!!!!! Because we can. All by ourselves and together!
Just keep that in mind. Now please, clear the mind and go slow. SLOW do w n a b it to g e t dumb enough to understand simple rather than complex.

Let us get Stupid;

We can very simply, "Blow the whistle." I said "simply."
Forget about complex. Get to the root. Yes, we are confused.
We can accept that. No problem. We get less confused as we grow.

To get unconfused is by way of a "specific mean." Take all philosophy out of it. Put it in the hands of the "Son of Perdition." Do not fear a thing. No Problem. Only a solution.

Write a problem. Oppose it. Break it into 4 balanced points.
Spin them in New Order.

The sentence;
"Take religious texts and spells to find meaning."

Write it, and break it in half. (Break all rules.)
(3)Take religious texts(3) / (1)and spells to find meaning(1)

Give it direct opposition. As follows;
(2)Give secular acts(2) / (4)but fruits from found demeaning(4

Remove them back together in axiom loop. Last of first sentence goes first. A positive must push a negative. Four parts to quanta. Cross the lines of duality. Break the pentagram to become a window.

1-4 states very clearly:

It is nothing. But the two go hand in hand with everything.


Positive and negative ground. And the positive is no longer grave.

Old circuit of duality:
3)-/+(2 Polarities must vice verse to loop around any subject.

New Order of Terms:
2)-/-(4 If must vice verse, sends into spin.

(Positive rises above ground.)
This is not about words. Actions are happening regardless of our text books. They get writ through wrought experience.

The will of the father is who's will we do. God's will be done.
The difference between that is not even a decision any longer.

Promoted by the shift of cosmic polarity sequence. The positive surely shall rise. As the schematic surely shows.

Very Devilish all throughout. Do not be deceived by true values. Found in the demeaning of our futile lives that led to a grave effect. Positively they will be charged through the negative ground to remain never-ending dead. Gratefully so with vibrant skin. Dead as nails yet in an earthly heavenly paradise. Not Religious terms, The Devil is Boss Universal. Big Whoop. We will run with freedom in the wind. Forever.

Religious terms are for those who need something to rely upon because we did not yet know.

This is 2011. We can wake up without blaming the hard facts of HELL! Either continue the old ways of duality or make a change.

3)God / is Love(1
2)Devil / is not hate(4


Either way, we ALL win.

3)Who / wins?(1
2)Who / loses?(4
Wins? Who.
Who loses?

3)Who gives / a crap?(1
2)Who takes / a piss?(4

Who / is Religion?

I guess secular acts will tell the ultimate truth all day long.

Can't lie to the kids these days. They tell on the lie. Can't pull the wool over eyes that see.

Religious Cancer. Who cures all disease? Naturally. Not me.

The Sun will emit those powers and we will receive them. And we will act our way into eternity. And if we die along the way, Thank God! Because a blink of an eye and we come back together. The "living" do not know. Until an appointed time.

Fall on the rock into many pieces or let it crush you, either way, we win. I mean lose. Forever.

Without the technology to support it, the Devil's work was not complete. There is a mechanical feature to this machine.

That takes an industrial revolution, the splitting of atoms and the blood stained robe to keep us grounded and free. Sorry. Blame your father. The liar. Mother does not lie. Take a good look around. It is not lying by any measure of workability. Balanced perfectly all day long. Conditions are resultant to every spell.

This is not for me. Not my fault. Nothing to fear. Nothing lasts forever. And it will. Positively.

Do what you want! Enjoy the results!

To forgive is to look past. Current situations can trigger ideas of looking elsewhere but our own two feet.

The true making of a living legend. You. Us. Them. We.
Separate but Together.
Dr Desh Raj Sirswal # 11. February 2011, 01:46
Nice thoughts. Keep thinking
Stone Ed Sober # 11. February 2011, 21:13
Yeah! So far, I haven't found the "off" button for the "thinker!"

I am enjoying your page. I am about to read one of your writings about positivity!

I come from a background that lacks "discipline."

Religion and Man topic has become an issue with me; to allow God to be my employer and disciplinarian.

In order to get to a place where there is what is known as "responsibility," I think it will be nice to follow you around a bit to get great ideas to think about. (Don't worry, I won't follow too close!) I'm signed up to quite a few social networks, keeping connected through them, I find there are a lot of really cool human beings running all over this green earth! Haha!

Good to meet you Dr. Desh Raj Sirswal.

Keep keeping on Top!
Dr Desh Raj Sirswal # 12. February 2011, 02:20
You are right SIR. Discussion should be there. These ideas always strike in my mind and started thinking upon it. Being a student of philosophy of religion, these come to our class daily, we discuss and found that it should be treated positively. I am also working on different pages full articles etc are there. I also need some intellectual who regularly discuss and reflect with us. Kindly visit at if you have some time. Keep in touch and keep thinking
Stone Ed Sober # 14. February 2011, 05:02
Cool page. See you around the cyber universe! It will be fun to see how paths cross in this new realm. How might it affect us positively as a whole? Think. Think. Think. One day at a time.
Dr Desh Raj Sirswal # 14. February 2011, 05:14
Thanks for your visit to my page. I will try to do my best what I think. Keep thinking and be in touch. Have a nice day.
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